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I bring you clarity in order to enable your adaptive outperformance.

Re design

« Performance by design is about connecting where you are now with where you want - and need - to be. It is not something forced or hustled. » Together, we design your step(s) in between. Each step is either created, curated or obtained. And contributes intentionally to the global coherence.



The world is permanently shifting. A holistic, inclusive and passionately independent view, far beyond the company, shapes my way of working for an optimum integration between your activity and the environment.

I immensely enjoy combining out-of-the-box means to refocus on the core and refresh our perspectives, with a multidimensional mindset.

I strive towards respectful relationships, reflective thinking and sustainable performance. I aspire to collaborate rather than compete, connect than divide, regenerate and reuse than irresponsibly use resources

The Outcomes

Radical ideation, curiosity and intuition create a disruption that transcends the status quo towards a renewed and regenerative balance. The process leads to a practical improvement of the dynamic performance of your organization within your extended ecosystem.

Results are invisible but tangible. Efficient but effortless.

Voilà !


About me

Perception, Creativity, Business Intelligence, Intensity

I thrive on improving the performance of organizations, with a systemic mindset.

Employing forward-thinking lens, I combine innate empathy, strong academic background with unique methods to empower individuals to adapt to our shifting world.


Led by curiosity, I practically and relentlessly pursuit many ways to re/source, re/create, re/lease, re/pair, re/learn, re/design in both my career and personal life with the intent to be whole without being perfect. I do try and fail regularly ! And enjoy the exploration of being human nowadays.


Key impact areas

Outperformance needs timely and bold decisions to move on. Transformation requires a continuous effort to boldly dare. VUCAD world makes it even more difficult yet necessary.

I support you to find clarity in order to sustainably outperform. My energy brings you there.

Practice areas and Benefits:


Thoughtful Transformation & Change Management


Distinctive Business Model Innovation


Optimal Strategy design


Authentic Sustainability & Regeneration


Aware leadership


These (above) areas are supported through employing the following services:


Consultancy & Advisory


Facilitating & Mentoring


Speaking, workshop & Training


Executive coaching & Counseling


Connections & Business intelligence


Radical ideation & Design thinking



Collaborate with me

Choose the Altitude of our collaboration:

Re/create your Future is such a complex job, which I practice with great carefulness. If you would like to collaborate with me, I am passionate to help.

Individual upliftment

Embark for a transformational journey : raise your self-awareness, develop your emotional intelligence and remaster your life on daily basis. Explore your favorite way to become whole without being perfect.

Sustainable Business transformation

Fortify the core strengths of your business in order to secure your brand & reputation, and build resilience that fits with the complexity faced. 

Achieve the Growth Within.

Integrated Governance

Ensure value creation for the company and beneficial results for all stakeholders in the long term.

I contribute to addressing the inadequacies of current practices and transform the Board leadership.


What they say about


Stories & Resources

An irregular blog for thoughts & things. I believe that sharing knowledge leads to constructing the future. Here are articles, useful links, videos and other re/sources of interest.