What does it mean to be a full man in the 21st Century?

The Diamonds Podcast - Season 1 - #1

Hosted by Christelle Vigot

My mother used to collect for me recommendations of books to read. Books she thought that I might enjoy or need in order to learn and grow. I read “La Confiance en soi, une philosophie” (roughly translated “Assertiveness, A philosophy”) written by Charles Pépin – a French contemporary philosopher and author – in the beginning of 2019. No matter who we are or became, I think that each of us bumps one day or another into the topic of self-confidence. We often hide behind a lack of it to not act, not become who we truly want to be, saying ‘yes’ instead of saying ‘no’.

Yet there are people that we believe have the “right” amount of assertiveness to impact. Those people can be seen as role models, mentor, superstars, successful man or woman, whatever the word each of us use for that.

One of the most powerful thought that I’ve learned in this book is the following: “we are all singular […]. We are all solitary diamonds. We can compare some of our social accomplishments, but the singular sparkle of a solitary diamond compare to no other, by definition”. If you follow that thought, you only compare yourself to 2 persons : the person you were and the person you want to become. No one else.

“The Diamonds” Podcast is about people who dare to really live, who dare to assert their singularity.

This 1st episode is about William. I met him during my visit to Tasmania where I spent 3 days at his home as his Airbnb guest. William has an almost self-sufficient timber house and garden by the ocean at South Arm, on the Australian island State of Tasmania. On my arrival I was touched by the combination of wild nature and homely comforts. As I lay, warmly nestled in his guest room, my view through the glass doors was across a garden and out to the Tasmanian sea. Then the peace, the sound of the waves and a beautiful southern hemisphere sunset let me know I had arrived at a special place. Tasmania is a wild island and is the last stop before crossing the Great Southern Oceans and onto Antarctica.
At a personal level, William instills joy to his home and joy through the contact he has with other people. For me, it was a pure moment of pleasure to record this conversation with him. In our conversation he refers to his personal growth and experiences through a voluntary organisation called TasMen. This is an organisation that helps men to emotionally grow and reset what it means to be a full man in the 21st Century.

Christelle Vigot

Beyond real life practice, I have gained substantial qualifications in:

  • Business (Global Executive MBA at Insead)
  • Agronomy (double Master of Science in Agronomy and Halieutic, Urban farming)
  • Circular and Regenerative Economy
  • Emotional Intelligence (Mindscape).

Driven by my passion for fairness and convinced that diversity and inclusion are key to the ability to outperform, I am currently the Chairwoman of Women in the Seafood Industry, a non-for-profit that empowers women of the global seafood industry by raising awareness and influence decision-makers and spreading information on social issues. I also share my experiences and wisdom through mentoring startups and entrepreneurs, particularly as an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Insead Business School.

What Her Coaches Says About

Christelle is a unique blend of human qualities and business acumen. Her ultra sensitivity goes both sides. She is able to perceive and attend to others’ needs, expressed or hidden ones. At the same time she is able to convey her emotions in a vulnerable and powerful manner.

Paul Tran, HR Director & Leadership coach, Singapore

I had the pleasure to accompany Christelle while she was re/defining her projects and goals. She is a total person, who is not afraid to get to the bottom of things, to explore her own vulnerabilities to bounce back. Joyful and enthusiast, she tackles situations with an infectious enthusiasm. Thanks to her temper and creative intelligence (I rather say sparkling), she brings a powerful analytical dynamic. She strategically responds to various challenges that leaders encounter by creating new leads. To sum up her main strengths, I would give 4 words :


Christelle perceives opportunities as well as conflicts her Clients’ rhetoric. Sensitive to the coherence between an individual, her/his project and the storytelling, she is able to question effectively the non-aligned aspects in order to open to more mindful and more powerful choices and strategies. She is also able to identify options and suggest innovative, sometimes even disruptive, alternatives.



Her personal modus operandi enables her to quickly pinpoint the key elements of a situation and imagine original approach, while freeing herself from current processus and ways of thinking.


Business intelligence

Her business practice and knowledge enable Christelle to constantly bear in mind the business essentials principles. By doing so, Christelle propose fresh ideas, yet achievable and serving the company success.



Christelle shares her « intuitions » and observations with vigour and conviction. Her approach may be uncomfortable for those who nurture the status quo. She might get impatient as people don’t see what she perceives. Be mindful to share openly your caveats in order to keep a fruitful dialogue in time of uncertainty. Ultimately, I would say that working with Christelle is transformational, disruptive, challenging while aligned with the project leader and corporate life.

Dominique Proudhon, peacemaker & professional coach, France