Tailored Approaches

Each element of the VUCAD (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous and Diverse) world has a deep impact on the performance of organizations and their leaders. Traditional and standard approaches can lead to value destruction for the brand, the company and its stakeholders. New approaches are needed and shift is necessary to cope and adapt.


Future-readiness of each organization and cognitive-readiness of individuals are key skills to be learned in order to outperform and lead in our chaotic environment.

Individual upliftment

You are an executive, a top athlete or a high potential emerging leader who simply wants to thrive. Through a holistic and tailor-made approach, I accompany you – at an appropriate pace- to update your goals and implement a fulfilling change.


Embark for a transformational journey :

raise your self-awareness, explore your self(ves), develop your emotional intelligence and lead from within. Choose your favorite way to Become your sustainable self.

AMA – Ask Me Anything Session

A fun way to release your potential by asking any question you have no one else to ask – 40euros/20’

Individual real talks

All sessions are available online or face-to-face for an enhanced experience.

Exclusive Immersion Program for top executives

A powerful and unique holistic experience to transcend your career performance and personal wellbeing in a smart balance. A one-on-one program delivered to selected top-notch leaders throughout the year. To learn more and register your interest.

Sustainable Business transformation

You are a for-profit or not-for-profit organization which is willing to challenge its system, fortify its core strengths to secure your brand & reputation, and build resilience that fits with the complexity faced. Potential benefits are a reinforced brand, extended markets and services, mitigated risks and committed stakeholders. I combine a cross-disciplinary approach with a forward thinking lens and innate empathy to empower your teams.

An hour brain-picking

A discreet and informal conversation while you share your current challenge and get an authentic - yet empathetic - to-the-point feedback.

Resilient Business Innovation

Embark in a proactive plan to generate radical ideation to fortify your strengths and transform your future in respect of your core values.

From complexity to simplexity Projects

Complexity you are facing requires support to revamp your strategy and reshape your organization. A deep transformation is also a matter of time, I go along with your teams while you slow down to speed up.

Integrated Governance

Datas are proving that outperforming companies are those who put sustainability at the heart of governance and corporate board’s strategic agendas. My clients include NGO’s, family businesses and early growth companies.

External advisor to the Board or Committees

Enhance your future-readiness.

Non Executive Directorship

Bring a fresh perspective to your board.

Startups mentoring

From ideation to seed stages , you are not alone any more.