Practical tips to cope & adapt

COVID19 Experience

Christelle Vigot


The current normal (COVID19 period) reveals Life’s uncertainty and triggers unusual behaviours and reactions. What each of us is experiencing is understandable. It is ok to feel uncomfortable.

  • It does impact our daily lives in both personal and professional field and requires each of us to cope with the induced stress then adapt to the situation. The latter expects us to be innovative and creative in the way we think, work and live, as an individual, professional and community member.
  • The global lockdown also has a physical impact that can increase the « stress » if not acknowledged and managed: a lot of thoughts and informations related to a change out there are running in our brains, while our bodies are unable to move, kind of stuck in one place (and we lost the body language part in our communication). The dichotomy of reality & speed between the mind and the body creates a cognitive dissonance (=stress).

The goal of this document is to help you to relieve from daily stress and empower your capacity to innovate and create in a sense of « adapt ». Resilience starts with you.


The following list is non exhaustive, and based on neuroscience, neurobiology, research and experience. Tips are affordable and simple.

There is no « have to », « must » « should ». Be kind only.

Choose 1 or 2 tips you feel comfortable with and try today. Repeat the following days. Habits are made of repetition. Good habits are made of repetition of tiny healthy acts. They contribute to thoughtful leadership.

Practical tips – The 5 Re/…


  • Stress level by practicing cardiac coherence (whenever you feel you need it): inhale for 5 sec, exhale for 5 sec , during 5 min, 3 times a day (from belly not from thorax)
  • Infos intake: prefer TV/media flow intake around midday instead of wake-up or bedtime
  • Switch off notifications from emails/messages app on all your tech devices : you choose when to collect your message (dedicated time slots) and manage your time
  • Focus on uni-tasking and the 3 major tasks of the day
  • Have break of 10’ every 52’ of work (walk, do nothing, power nap, play, read…)


  • If you can go out, just walk 30’ everyday with no other goal than the walk itself (if you can’t, do few steps while you’re on call)
  • HUG someone for 20 seconds (kid, partner, yourself !)
  • Cupping palms over your eyes for several seconds
  • Take some day off and enjoy « lazy days »


  • Smile
  • Prepare your confcall/zoom meetings by taking 5’ before and asking yourself 2 questions :
    • What do I want to say ?
    • How do I want to say it ?
  • Replace professional Visio by phone call when possible
  • Replace coffee, Coca-Cola, alcohol… by water as much as possible, through your day
  • Replace lunch at desk by a dedicated moment to enjoy your food (and nothing else)


  • Make room in your schedule and living place for playing activity (cooking, lego, video gaming, painting, music, writing…), alone or with family member(s)
  • Have fun. Whatever makes you laugh ☺ (Without hurting anyone)
  • Re/think – Re/imagine – Re/create
  • Stop – Look – Think
  • Look for the upside of the situation (in your personal life, for your company, in your career…). You can choose deliberately to look at it. Keep in mind that a Crisis is always a mix of danger(s) and opportunity(ies)
  • Practice cardiac coherence to unlock the innovative part of your brain to express, and let it flow. It is riskless
  • Practice reverse thinking : Ask why not ?

Additional resources

There are numerous of cardiac coherence, meditation, sleeping apps available. Pick the one(s) you like and use it.

There are also a lots of free content to start any new activity (yoga, Pilates…). Choice is yours. Just keep practicing.

Here is an interesting info graphic about our own bias; it can help to distance yourself from the ongoing thoughts.


I am available for each of you to tackle 3 topics:

  • Manage the stress of the current normal
  • Deepen your self-awareness
  • Re/think – re/imagine and re/create (your life, your career or business activity)

Reach me at

You are welcome to use or share articles, but please cite Christelle as the source and include the reference to the website

Christelle Vigot

Beyond real life practice, I have gained substantial qualifications in:

  • Business (Global Executive MBA at Insead)
  • Agronomy (double Master of Science in Agronomy and Halieutic, Urban farming)
  • Circular and Regenerative Economy
  • Emotional Intelligence (Mindscape).

Driven by my passion for fairness and convinced that diversity and inclusion are key to the ability to outperform, I am currently the Chairwoman of Women in the Seafood Industry, a non-for-profit that empowers women of the global seafood industry by raising awareness and influence decision-makers and spreading information on social issues. I also share my experiences and wisdom through mentoring startups and entrepreneurs, particularly as an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Insead Business School.

What Her Coaches Says About

Christelle is a unique blend of human qualities and business acumen. Her ultra sensitivity goes both sides. She is able to perceive and attend to others’ needs, expressed or hidden ones. At the same time she is able to convey her emotions in a vulnerable and powerful manner.

Paul Tran, HR Director & Leadership coach, Singapore

I had the pleasure to accompany Christelle while she was re/defining her projects and goals. She is a total person, who is not afraid to get to the bottom of things, to explore her own vulnerabilities to bounce back. Joyful and enthusiast, she tackles situations with an infectious enthusiasm. Thanks to her temper and creative intelligence (I rather say sparkling), she brings a powerful analytical dynamic. She strategically responds to various challenges that leaders encounter by creating new leads. To sum up her main strengths, I would give 4 words :


Christelle perceives opportunities as well as conflicts her Clients’ rhetoric. Sensitive to the coherence between an individual, her/his project and the storytelling, she is able to question effectively the non-aligned aspects in order to open to more mindful and more powerful choices and strategies. She is also able to identify options and suggest innovative, sometimes even disruptive, alternatives.



Her personal modus operandi enables her to quickly pinpoint the key elements of a situation and imagine original approach, while freeing herself from current processus and ways of thinking.


Business intelligence

Her business practice and knowledge enable Christelle to constantly bear in mind the business essentials principles. By doing so, Christelle propose fresh ideas, yet achievable and serving the company success.



Christelle shares her « intuitions » and observations with vigour and conviction. Her approach may be uncomfortable for those who nurture the status quo. She might get impatient as people don’t see what she perceives. Be mindful to share openly your caveats in order to keep a fruitful dialogue in time of uncertainty. Ultimately, I would say that working with Christelle is transformational, disruptive, challenging while aligned with the project leader and corporate life.

Dominique Proudhon, peacemaker & professional coach, France